You are about to be taken on an amazing journey to places terrestrial and celestial. The terrestrial journey begins in a small remote Yup’ik Eskimo village called Manokotak, on Bristol Bay in Southwestern Alaska. There you’ll meet the main character, Abraham George, a rough-cut, 42-year-old Eskimo who for 20 years had the notorious reputation of being the “town drunk.”

While on a routine wood gathering trip on his snow machine, Abraham had a fatal accident in which he was crushed by his sled, loaded with 1500 pounds of firewood logs. While being medivacked to a hospital in Anchorage, Alaska, his soul separated from his body and he was stunned to find himself standing in the aisle of the Learjet, gazing upon his crushed and lifeless body with four EMTs frantically working to revive it. Suddenly a dazzling celestial being appeared at his side whose face was as lightning and his humanlike bodily form radiated with an intensity of light rivaling the brilliance of the noonday sun.

At that moment Abraham was transported on an astonishing journey which took him beyond the veil separating this world from the next, being guided by the awesome “Bright One.” You’ll hear Abraham in his own words attempting to describe the indescribable sights and experiences of his incredible celestial journey to three destinations. At the conclusion of his amazing celestial journeys Abraham was presented a vital message which he was to impart to mankind. He was then transported back to his mangled body on earth which was lying in an Anchorage hospital bed. It was Christmas morning, 2005. Abraham awakened to excruciating pain from head to toe. In spite of his pain, however, Abraham began immediately telling everyone—the medical staff and anyone else coming near him about his awesome celestial experiences and urgent message.

Shortly after his arrival he was captivated by a pale blue smoke which mysteriously appeared over his bed. Abraham said its fragrance was heavenly and each time he breathed it in, he felt a strange tingling sensation which he soon realized was also reducing his pain.

For the next three days, the strange blue smoke—which only Abraham could see and smell—slowly circulated over his bed. Amazingly, after only three days of inhaling it, Abraham’s massive injuries were healed. On December 27, 2005, he walked out of the hospital door into his new life—a life which neither he nor anyone else could ever have imagined! The second phase of Abraham’s terrestrial journey begins at that moment. In this segment you’ll be thrilled by his fascinating angelic encounters, several head-scratching strange occurrences, and witness many lives being transformed and miraculous healings galore!

When I first heard Abraham tell his amazing story in 2008, I responded with extreme skepticism because it seemed far too incredible to accept as true. My curiosity and fascination led me into an extensive personal investigation of his claims and in the process became convinced that Abraham’s story was in fact true.
In the second half of the book—“MANY POWERFUL PROOFS”—are presented the substantial proofs which I discovered in my research that eventually caused me to change my position from skepticism to strong belief.

I believe this book will impact your view of life, death and the hereafter—it certainly has for me.