When a girl in the village bought Celestial Traveler, nobody realized the impact it would have. Before the girl started reading the book, she lent it to her mother. After reading Celestial Traveler, she lent it to another friend, who read it and lent it again. Three or four times this happened before the girl received her book back.

Shellie Aloysius was one of the friends that received the book. After reading it, she loved it so much that she purchased several copies to give as Christmas gifts. Shellie said, “I always thought I was okay. Going to church once a week and not really giving all I could give to my God. I was so wrong! The book has helped saved me!” Abraham’s story has had a spectacular impact!

At a gathering where Abraham spoke Shellie accounts that “Families were reunited. Bonds were made. There were some who came back and renewed their relationship with God. You can feel the Holy Spirit moving upon all the saved! It was an amazing time!” It is exciting to see how God continues to use Abraham to change lives.